Restaurants under pressure to perpetuate outdoor spaces used during outbreaks


There is debate across the United States over permanently replacing public spaces by allowing occupancy of restaurants during epidemics.

In all states United States I Restaurants They are driven to keep Outside Exterior fittings authorized to work during locking.

As in Italy, even in the United States, open spaces were occupied almost everywhere by tables and movable structures. Now, however, restaurants are not ready to go back and want to keep these places. And politics often prove them right.

In July, the San Francisco board of directors voted in favor of the permanent creation of outdoor spaces dedicated to catering. Two cities, Atlanta and Philadelphia, are considering similar measures. New York City is working on technical details to better control the occupancy of the outdoors and outdoor spaces. Big cities are not the only ones working on this issue.

The city of Fairfax, Calif., Decided in August whether or not to allow an open-air restaurant to permanently occupy public land for residents, visitors and traders, and 91% of 987 people said they were in favor. On the other hand, these places are fundamental to controlling restaurant losses in recent months around the world, and ultimately, frankly, customers wanted them too.


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