Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra dummy unit features new phone design

With the Apple iPhone 13 now out and the Google Pixel 6 about to launch, all eyes will soon be on Samsung for the arrival of the Galaxy S22 series of phones – and a new leak gives us more evidence of the redesign that seems to be on its way for the Ultra model.

Galaxy S22 Ultra dummy unit revealed by Italian store CoverPigtou and tipster @ xleaks7 shows the P-shaped rear camera module we’ve seen in previous leaks, as well as the flat design for the top and bottom of the phone.

As noted earlier when we saw unofficial renderings of this same device, it has a distinct Galaxy Note look to it. Keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 21 never saw the light of day and the S22 Ultra should now be the Note’s replacement for 2022.

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Room for the S Pen

According to the same source who revealed this dummy unit, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will indeed have an integrated slot to house the S Pen. While the Galaxy S21 Ultra supported the stylus, you needed a special case to carry it with the phone.

Nothing else new is revealed here: we have the volume and power buttons on the right edge of the handset when you look at it, as you would expect, with the left side left free of any buttons or ports. .

We’ve also seen unofficial case renderings from a trusted source that show the same design for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, adding more weight to the idea that this model is going to be significantly different from the standard Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22. More.

Analysis: Samsung’s 2022 plans become clearer

Samsung galaxy note 20

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20. (Image credit: Avenir)

We’ve seen a lot of speculation about Samsung’s smartphone plans for 2022 – from when the devices actually appear, to whether the premium Galaxy Note series is going to make a dramatic comeback in the market.

As more and more leaks start to appear, it seems more and more likely that the Galaxy Note 22 will emerge as the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Whether Samsung actually gives it the nickname Note to confirm the change remains to be seen, but it appears to be on the cards.

We’ve now seen this Note-style design with the P-shaped camera from multiple sources, which carries a lot more weight than a single rumor on its own. It’s possible that Samsung has come to the idea that three S-series phones are one more than they need, especially as the effects of the pandemic continue to be felt.

There are still a lot of things we’re not sure about, however. We expected the Galaxy S22 phones to launch in January, but that’s now in doubt – rumor has it that the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S21 FE could be the phone to arrive in January instead.

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