Sandeep Salter takes a family trip to Italy with her new collection of Breezy summer dresses

Photo: Courtesy of Salter House

London-born, Brooklyn-based Sandeep Salter and her husband Carson opened their sustainable homeware cafe and shop, Salter House, in 2018. Over time, they expanded into designing and developing their own in-house collections, with a particular focus on clothing. “As my designs and collaborations with artists have become more central, we now see the project as a design ‘house‘ for clothing and homeware,” says Sandeep. The evolution made sense, given that their stores (Salter House joined Picture Room, an art boutique and gallery) became a hamlet for their close-knit community of friends and neighbors to come together and mix things up. professional, family and creative.

For their in-house collection, the Salters collaborate with multi-generational makers around the world, namely Italy, such as Rampini Ceramics for their new line of ceramic tableware and Atelier Bomba for unique bespoke knitwear, which they will be launching later this year. “Connecting with these manufacturers is important, but just learning about the generations-old retail businesses is incredibly inspiring,” says Sandeep. In April, the couple and their two young daughters, Lowe and Eta, decided to take a road trip from Rome to Venice in seven days, visiting the makers and collaborators at Salter House, before taking a walk to join their friends in Venice. to celebrate their work. at the Biennial. “We’re hoping for a long game with Salter House, so it was both uplifting and motivating to see how companies that have stood the test of time continue to produce great work and have carved out a place for themselves,” adds Sandeep.

Work and home life have always been smooth for the couple, as Sandeep has brought her daughters to studio visits and get-togethers since they were breastfeeding. But as the first trip with their daughters abroad since the pandemic, this one was particularly significant. “My best defense against anxious children is food, so we planned our days and our movements around our meals,” says Sandeep. “My daughters are 6 and 9 years old; my eldest was a real soldier – she can handle late nights and long walks home!

Sandeep packed up perfectly for the fickle spring weather, including plenty of pieces from their new summer collection which were easy to layer and blend, as well as the workshop coat (which returns in an improved version later in June). The collection is made from Japanese organic cotton and Liberty London tana cotton lawn, making it a lightweight, versatile and efficient travel wardrobe. “I packed my Emme Parsons leather flats and MNZ black pumps for parties; I can cover a lot of ground with these shoes!

Below, Sandeep Salter shares her seven-day travel diary through Italy.

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