Schiller Center for Coastal Studies Building Earns Honorable Mention for Passive Project Design

The LLC at Schiller Center for Coastal Studies

The LLC, a single-storey 4,950 square foot space for classes, conferences and meals, was designed passive house standards and received Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) certification in 2021.

Passive buildings are designed to minimize energy consumption while ensuring constant, comfortable temperatures and healthy air quality.

To do this, they are over-insulated and sealed, with triple-glazed windows, and are equipped with ventilation systems and, often, efficient heat pumps for heating and air conditioning.

Part of what makes these structures so efficient is that their ventilation systems recycle exhausted stale air to preheat incoming fresh air. They also remove moisture.

Other buildings at Schiller, including three one-story cabins with six bedrooms each and a 950-square-foot house, were also designed to Passive House standards, although the College has not pursued formal certification of these structures.

The award was announced at a reception during PhiusCon on Oct. 27 in Chicago.

Phius is a non-profit organization committed to decarbonizing what it calls the built environment by making high-performance passive construction the market standard.

Now with the LLC, Bowdoin has a total of five PHIUS-certified buildings, including its four Park Row apartments.

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