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Shortages of building materials are causing delays in construction work and putting companies under pressure, an industry expert told Sky News.

Brian Berry, chief executive of the Federation of Master Builders, said the lack of supplies was “having a big impact” on the industry.

“Particularly the small builders, they are the ones who struggle to get the necessary materials, and in some cases the small builders are actually saying they are concerned about the viability of their business,” he said.

Mr Berry said the ripple effects of Brexit and COVID-19[female[feminine created a “perfect storm” resulting in material shortages and construction delays.

There has been a shortage of a number of building materials, including cement, lumber and mortar.

Brian Berry, Director General of the Federation of Master Builders

He added, “We have had a very high demand from countries like the United States and China, and we have seen of course in this country a strong demand, there has been an increase of about 45% in terms of home renovations.

“So with this high demand and a lack of supply, prices have gone up and there is a serious shortage of building materials.”

Riche and Benjamin Vale were scheduled to move into their new home last month.

Their house had been built, but as other properties on the site were not completed, they were unable to move in.

Richie told Sky News: “At the time of the exchange we had a bombshell that we couldn’t actually have our house due to delays with building materials and also contract swaps with other purchases. . “

Brexit and coronavirus have increased pressure on demand for materials
Brexit and coronavirus have increased pressure on demand for materials

Deciding to proceed with the sale so as not to disrupt the chain of buyers, the couple sought temporary accommodation.

He added: “We couldn’t find any rentals or vacation rentals, everything was just taken, no one would rent a house for less than 12 months.

“So the only option we had was to move into a hotel and pay for it, which had a ripple effect on everything.

“We will have to pay three months of hotel costs, three months of storage costs, twice for moves, all costs that we never really covered, but also we were going to lose our prepayment costs for our mortgage which was close to £ 4000 and now we owe the stamp duty. “

Gary Olsen, Director of Development Create for You
Gary Olsen, Director of Development Create for You

It is the small builders who bear the brunt of the shortages.

Gary Olsen, director of Create for You Developments, told Sky News: “People on our side of the industry are not used to ordering thousands of pounds of material in advance.

“Previously, you could go to the builder’s trader daily if you needed to and buy it, so point-of-sale items are now a problem when you need to start thinking more ahead.”

He said he hopes the situation can “resolve itself.”

But industry experts predict the shortages could continue for the next four to six months.

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