Show love to early home builders

Positioning itself to fill a gap in the market, Hug Homes is a female-dominated builder with a focus on early home builders.

The new homebuilder on the WA block, Hug Homes’ goal is to pave the way for a positive and seamless process for first time homebuilders who have little or no experience in the construction space.

“The first homebuyer’s market can seem daunting and has many pitfalls for customers who have never been through the building process,” said Hug Homes director Kim Doak.

“To complicate matters further, there are a myriad of financial offers and incentives that can sometimes be confusing.

“My experience in the industry has taught me that there is a lot more independence among female buyers; they make their own money, have their own goals, want to do their own thing, and don’t need to build a house with someone else.

Hug Homes offers a unique experience with an all-female sales and administration team for a more familiar building experience for female clients in a largely male-dominated industry, according to Mr. Doak, who noted that understanding, empathy and support were key pillars of Hug’s. customer service philosophy.

“We focus on things that many buyers don’t tend to focus on, but female buyers pay more attention to,” he said. “We try to pay attention to these spaces and meet their needs.

“Simple things like clotheslines – we install them, which isn’t standard for most builders, so if a single woman was building a house, she wouldn’t have to worry about how to install a mailbox or a clothesline.”

However, Mr Doak stressed that Hug Homes was not exclusively aimed at female customers, instead acknowledging certain issues that deterred people from building their own homes.

“It’s quite a daunting process to sign up to build a house – there’s a big financial commitment, there’s a very competitive space with lots of choice and the message is quite mixed, so sometimes it can be a bit hard to process what the real value is,” he said. “It can be daunting, regardless of your age, experience, gender, etc.”

Hug Homes has launched a list of quality inclusions in every home that you would normally expect to find as “enhanced specs”.

These specs, along with Hug Homes $25,000 build bonus offer and a Fujitsu reverse cycle ducted air conditioning promotion, are examples of how Hug Homes shows the love of early builders. of houses.

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