Shreveport’s “Vacation Home” can’t be beat, neighbors join in the fun

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana (KTAL / KMSS) – A house on the corner of Chemin Pierremont. and Fern Ave. has been nicknamed the “Holiday House” because they decorate for several different holidays, including Christmas of course, but also Halloween and Easter. Their elaborate holiday exhibits are a beloved and unique part of the community.

The house is owned by John and Bitsy Smith and they say their passion for our local community is the reason they decorate. John says he loves it when parents bring their kids to show them the decorated house their parents showed them when they were kids.

Neighbor Edgar Guzman said when he and his wife moved across the street they were in awe of all the decorations, but Edgar said they knew they couldn’t compete with the Smiths . They always wanted to turn on some lights because it’s vacation, but Edgar said they were on a budget. They have a great sense of humor so they put up a sign on one side of the yard facing the vacation home that says “Ditto” and another sign on the other side that says “Ditto”, all of them. two surrounded by Christmas lights.

He said they came up with the idea a few years ago and thought it would be funny, but didn’t know the Smiths well enough to implement it. Over time, everything has changed. The neighbors are now friends and supporting each other, so the signs have increased this year.

The Idem / Same signs have attracted almost as much attention as the Holiday House. Both families love it and find it funny.

If you want to check out the Holiday House and Ditto / Same signs in person, be sure to get there before 9:00 p.m. as the Smiths say the lights go out at 9:00 p.m. sharp.

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