SiliconExpert extends its reach to design engineers by adding Transim services

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., February 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adding solutions that provide digital enablement to the design engineering community was a natural evolution of value-added offerings for SiliconExpert,” said Martin Chatterton, vice president and general manager of SiliconExpert. “The catalog offers and the strength of the Transim brand, now a SiliconExpert brand, reinforce the commitment to quality and safety that we bring to the market.”

Transim is considered a forerunner in a variety of digital component manufacturing tools, solutions and services. Today, SiliconExpert Transim Services develops and launches multifaceted solutions to support:

  • Design Simulation
  • Component management
  • Material management
  • Document management
  • Expert user tools
  • Analytics and reports

SiliconExpert provides design engineering solutions for global business collaboration and operational management efficiency. SiliconExpert has differentiated its business by allowing optimization upstream of product design.

“Transim has deep roots in providing secure and customized technologies for today’s leading engineering companies,” said Wade Hanna, commercial manager of the Transim product family. “Transim’s core customers and the entire component manufacturer community will benefit from Transim’s integration into SiliconExpert’s professional services portfolio.

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