Sony Patents New Design for PlayStation Mobile Controller; check the design here

There are plenty of portable gamepads that allow video game fans to convert their smartphones into a classic video game console with cylindrical handles and a four-button control on each side. With the presence of many third-party controllers in the market, Sony recently filed a patent for a PlayStation mobile controller. Like other portable mobile controllers, it would fit a smartphone in between and have buttons on either side. Read on to learn more about the patent filed by Sony Interactive.

Fans of mobile video games will immediately recognize that the PlayStation mobile controller looks a lot like another product on the market: the Nintendo Joy-Con controller. For owners of PlayStation consoles, the mobile controller could help project a video game onto a larger screen. The PlayStation mobile controller can be equipped with Bluetooth. if the mobile controller will have Wi-Fi as a connectivity option, it will allow cloud gaming or remote playback on the controller.

Sony’s PlayStation mobile controller could be based on DualShock controllers

The patent was first seen by VGC. Surprisingly, the controller in the patent looks a lot like the old DualShock 4 controller, instead of the new DualSense controller. As mentioned in the patent, the device is described as a “left side grip part and a right side grip part gripped by the left and right hand of the user”. The patent also reveals the presence of the standard DualShock 4 controller, D-Pad and action buttons. Additionally, there are trigger buttons on the left and right shoulder of the device.

The patent comes after Sony hired Nicola Sebastiani, a former Apple employee to take care of mobile game development at PlayStation. Sony is also looking forward to bringing more PlayStation titles to smartphones in the future. While there are many emulators that allow people to play PlayStation games on mobile devices, the availability of first-hand mobile game titles would delight mobile gamers.

Most recently, Sony announced the PlayStation Black Friday 2021 sale. The PlayStation Black Friday sale offers around 400 games at a discount. The list of discounted games includes popular titles like FIFA 22, Spider-Man: Miles and Morales, Returnal and many more. In addition to games, Sony has reduced the prices of PlayStation Plus subscriptions by 33%.

(Image: SIE / Sony via VGC)

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