The best character designs in Bayonetta

Bayonetta is quite a different series of games than most. There are plenty of female characters in the games who are a bit too forgiving, and while there’s no denying that there are still plenty of them in Bayonetta herself, she owns them. It’s a dazzling design, somewhere between a witch and a dominatrix.

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Of course, there are also many other characters in the series, and they also paid attention to their designs. They may not all be as over the top as Bayonetta, but they’re still very iconic. Although not all characters are created equal, and sometimes you have to admit that some look better than others.


9 Enzo

Enzo is a simple character. Introduced at the very start of both games as being more of a comic book character than anyone worthy of attention, he has a penchant for foul language and is dragged into all of Bayonetta’s affairs.

Its design, as such, is just as simple. In the first match, he wears a long jacket that opens on his stomach, his belt unbuckled and his glasses a shade too dark for him to see. think he looks when he really isn’t. To stick to the Christmas spirit of Bayonetta 2, he wears a thick and shiny white jacket, his bowler hat swapped for a trilby. He is a little better put together, but remains a sad little man.

8 Lucas

With a namesake taken straight from Devil May Cry, Luka Redgrave is in love with Bayonetta and convinced that she is madly in love with him as well. Poor thing. Playing the role of the sneaky journalist photographer in the original and the keeper of lore in the sequel, he’s actually quite generous, if not a bit unsure of himself.

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It is somewhere between formal and casual in the original. He wears a relatively nice gray suit, with dark leather gloves reaching almost to the shoulders and matching leather thigh boots. All this is complemented by a brightly colored scarf. In the sequel, he once again takes on DMC, sporting cowboy leggings, a jacket worthy of an Aussie hunter, and rolled up sleeves. Oh, and the scarf is much less visible this time, neatly wrapped around her neck.

seven Pink

Rosa is where things get a little more… intense. She is Bayonetta’s own mother and most certainly looks like the part. Encountered briefly in-game, with Bayonetta even mistaking the woman for herself, she wields unique revolvers and committed the cardinal sin of having a child with a Lumen Sage.

Where Bayonetta feels somewhere between a witch and a dominatrix, Rosa is a nun and a prisoner. Dressed head to toe in a form-fitting shiny black, her face and hair are concealed and her entire body is wrapped in belts and chains. Her clothes flare out at the hands and feet, revealing a crimson red on the underside of her clothes. She almost looks like she’s being punished for her crimes but enjoyed the thrill a bit too much.

6 Loki

Making his appearance at the start of Bayonetta 2, Loki is a striking character amidst the sea of ​​pre-existing characters. Of course, you’ll eventually learn that he’s actually related to the god Aesir and as such involved in destroying the balance between the realms, but it’s frankly hard to look past the crime of have a British accent.

He wears clothes resembling those of the people of Noatun, but with his own personal touches. Her silver hair is styled in cornrows, and her orange and yellow clothes stand out strongly in the sea of ​​white from the rest of Noatun. Most notable, however, is the almost Yu-Gi-Oh millennial puzzle hanging around his neck. He also gets extra points for being able to transform into a cute squirrel.

5 Has his

Serving as the main antagonist in the game, Aesir is originally encountered several times as Loptr – both child and adult – before becoming Aesir, God of the Realm of Chaos. Here, he is personified only by his hatred of humanity, and the obscene power granted to him to deal with them as he sees fit.

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Aesir, well, doesn’t wear any clothes. They are a god after all. Instead, they take on an ethereal, glowing blue form with symbols etched all over their bodies. Their hair is shaped like a pyramid and they still keep gold jewelry on their wrists. Golden frames float behind, filled with the depths of the cosmos. Watching them is like absorbing reality and unraveling. It’s a pretty cool look.

4 more bald

Balder, or Father Balder as he is more aptly known in the original, is an important character. He’s Bayonetta’s father, and a very bad one at that. He also almost caused the destruction of the world twice, in a paradoxical way. He means well, which ironically is what caused these doomsday scenarios. Go figure.

Balder’s appearance is difficult to describe. He is pale beyond belief, his slicked back hair giving a clear view of his wrinkled, monocled face. His white and gold clothes resemble those of a peacock, unfurling as he reveals his true form. In Bayonetta 2 he functions more as a rival, being a younger man with a mask like a blazing sun. Her clothes adopt a similar pattern, though they are lighter now, allowing her greater freedom of movement.

3 Rodin

Rodin, affectionately named after a sculptor who made a statue called The Gates of Hell, is one of Bayonetta’s closest confidants. He himself is a fallen angel, probably the most powerful, and spends his time punishing the demons of Inferno to weaponize them, leaving Bayonetta to handle the angels herself. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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Rodin also had the audacity to have four different designs. There’s his New York style of a long brown jacket with a flared collar and heavy untied boots. There is the Japanese style, where he wears more fitted boots and replaces the heavy jacket with a long and much lighter jacket. Then there is Father Rodin, a form almost identical to Balder’s. Finally, there is Rodin, The Infinite One, his horned and winged demon form. But the one thing he almost never loses? That slick head and those slicker sunglasses. He Is cool.

2 Joan

Jeanne is in many ways the polar opposite of Bayonetta. Dark blacks to stunning reds, black hair to white. Bayonetta’s feminine attitude to Jeanne’s harsh and abrupt tone. Hell, they even swap hair lengths between games. In truth, they would change the world for each other. And while it will never be confirmed, she is Bayonetta’s girlfriend.

Jeanne’s quirky outfit almost resembles that of a 1920s socialite. It’s garish, but not too indicative of anything other than wealth. Her neck is covered in fur with a watch piece in the center. The rest of his red suit is a single piece tied diagonally from the hip to the bag. In Bayonetta 2, she sports a drastically altered appearance. Her tied hair was swapped for hair long enough to be a cape. The socialite’s wardrobe is ditched for a shiny red biker suit just littered with zippers. Each incarnation of her also has her red-rimmed glasses.

1 Bayonet

There couldn’t be anyone else at number one. She’s the namesake of the game, so of course she’s the best design. Bayonetta has gone far beyond her roots as a character action game protagonist, becoming a cultural figure in her own right. The games also never limit you to her original outfit, giving you plenty of options to dress up Bayonetta.

Many would say his original design is his greatest. The beehive hair is iconic, the tight body of the hair leaving little to the imagination. Near her chest is an opening in the shape of a crescent moon, with strands of wispy hair and umbral ornaments hanging around it. In Bayonetta 2, she sports a much more modern look, leaving her hair down but cutting it short, her ruffled collar, and pointed shoulders. She has the same open back as before, but now with diamond openings along her legs. If Bayonetta has anything. it’s variety.

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