The cave house offers spectacular views of Glenwood Canyon, life inside the rock formations

Well, if you clicked on this story, you already know a little about what to expect. But the Glenwood Springs Cave Home is more than meets the eye, and we’ll take you inside to show you what we mean.



When you first arrive on the property, you walk up a mine shaft elevator to descend over 100 feet into solid rock. The elevator shaft was hand chiseled by the owner and builder of the house years ago, and as you descend slowly you can see places where it has been cut at rock level. It’s just a taste of what’s to come.

Once the ride has stopped and the iron elevator doors are opened, you enter what could be anyone’s basement, a pool table sits in the middle of a open space with glass windows against the back wall. The main difference is that the ceiling is steep rock formations that are uneven and a little tight in places for people over 6 feet.

The guest bedroom is just to the left, with an ironic sign hanging on the wall proclaiming “man cave”. Our tour guide/estate agent Will Vannice points out that occasionally water drips from the ceiling, but that’s part of the charm of living inside a cave system. The bathroom is integrated into the guest bedroom with frosted glass blocks.



“Easier to get them down room by room in the elevator,” Vannice points out.

Just outside this room, through the glass wall is the balcony, with stunning views of Glenwood Canyon. The patio goes up and down the levels, bringing you about half a floor to the next set of rooms, including the kitchen, bedroom, TV area and laundry/jukebox room. A large open patio sits just outside, housing a hot tub (unfortunately no longer working.)

But the part that makes this house so amazing is right next to the bedroom, behind a closed door. If you walk past it down a small hallway like any other house, you are transported into an incredible cave system and open room, where stalactites grip the ceiling and ribbon rock formations adorn the walls. It’s a totally different feel to the rest of the house, and it’s even noticeable in the air around you; the musty air of a cave system, just across from a house. Tools are still stuck in parts of the rock, with a path leading to a scene one would expect from any good caving movie.



“We have an idea but we really don’t know how far back it goes,” Vannice said with a laugh. “We’re going to have someone skinny go check it out for us and report back to us.”

The 25-acre property also has plenty of room to expand and, depending on who would buy it, plenty of room to expand existing rooms, provided they are comfortable tending to it. like the previous owner.

The Cave of the Chimes system is featured in the book “Caves of Colorado”, where the home builder got the idea to install it in the first place. The home is currently listed for nearly $2.5 million. Vannice said he knew the place was special even before it was featured online on social media accounts like “Zillow gone wild”.



In this time he said he has shown the house a few times and even had someone check out the property by private helicopter as it is a possibility for someone to access it from the outside. coming. Right now, they’re just looking for the right person to make this cozy Colorado cave their home base.

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