The house of Vaucluse fifth most expensive after a sale of 62 million dollars

The Landerers bought the first of three properties on which Ganeden is built in 1988, paying $5.2 million for David and Agnes Ross’ home, adding two homes next door in the mid-1990s.

An expansive internal floor plan almost matches the total land area of ​​2,400 square meters and feels more like a mini resort than a home, given its seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 20-car garage , three kitchens, two internal elevators, a home cinema, a gymnasium, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a separate reception center and gardens by landscaper Paul Bangay.

The mansion, designed by architect Stephen Gergely, is located on 2400 square meters.

In 2016, three years before the property officially went on the market, Mr. Landerer was offered $62 million for the property, but it was not traded.

The property remains online, but was sold by an agent who did not advertise it.

Australia’s most expensive home sale is the $100million Point Piper Estate, Fairwater, sold in 2018 by the Fairfax family to Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes.

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Prominent corporate lawyer John Landerer has sold his Vaucluse home to Ganeden.

The second most expensive home, selling in 2020 for $95 million, is the Point Piper Edgewater mansion, long-owned by co-founders of womenswear retail chain Katies Joe Brender and his wife Gerda, and the family of his late business partner Sam Moss.

It was bought by gold businessman John Liwhich has not yet settled for the purchase but controls a newly incorporated body corporate, Point Piper One, which is registered at this address.

Point Piper is also home to the $71 million Elaine waterfront estate, which was sold to fellow Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar in 2017.

The Vaucluse Phoenix Acres waterfront residence was also sold in 2017, when hotel magnate Dr Jerry Schwartz bought it from Singaporean tycoon Chio Kiat Ow.

The Sydney trophy home market has had a late start to the year given the dearth of high-end listings. Prime agents say there’s no shortage of buyers in the $40 million-plus range, but few homes to offer.

Following the Ganeden sale, the most expensive home currently up for sale is the Southern Shire residence known as Nautilus, owned by entrepreneur Steve Shelley, which is listed for over $50 million.

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