The International Design Conference virtual event is back – Here’s how to participate

The past couple of years have seen each industry evolve and adapt and the design community has certainly done its best to rise to the occasion. I remember showcasing many innovative face masks and air purifiers, here on Yanko Design, as the demand had multiplied by several. Interestingly, I have seen many startups and designers innovate this category at lightning speed, offering solutions that we had never thought of before! I have experienced the transformation and have seen designers learn from each other through meaningful conversations on social media. Agile, adaptive and inspiring – a new aspect is added to the role of designers.

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True to its mission to connect designers from all disciplines, the International Design Conference (IDC) returns virtually in 2021. The objective of the event corresponds to the demand of the hour. This 24-hour non-stop event begins Wednesday, September 22 at 12 p.m. EDT and ends Thursday, September 23 at 12 p.m. EDT. You can expect to engage with global design leaders at Amazon, Samsung, IDEO, and more. However, I have another reason why you should attend the conference – Yanko Design.

Of the 60+ 24-hour sessions, one session hosted by Yanko Design on Design Journalism. By the end of this session, you’ll learn more about how to effectively communicate your design in a voice that will resonate with your audience – whether it’s an Instagram post, a Facebook update, or of an article on your page.

Produced annually by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), IDC is an international platform for amplifying the unique and daring voice of industrial design while celebrating the deep interconnection with other disciplines. One of the benefits of conferencing is networking. And to give you a good example, Airbnb was born during IDC 2007! Will your million dollar idea be next?

You can expect networking, keynotes, main stage presentations, workshops, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and more. With limited resources at our disposal, IDC is a good way to capitalize on the future of design and design work. Learn how to take advantage of AI and Super AI, DesignOps, biometrics, 3D printing, NFTs, and blockchain technology.

Among other things, like how to integrate DCI into emerging technologies, hiring practices, and your own multi-level design work, I’ll talk about how to market yourself and promote your work through design journalism.

In the IDSA Education Symposium, under the 2021 theme “Breaking Down Barriers: Fostering Collaborations for Systemic Change,” design educators from around the world will discuss topics such as increasing diversity in the world. ‘design education, improving identification education with user experience design, using designers for patent content, and achieving carbon neutrality in makerspaces. The annual IDSA Student Merit Award winners will also be present at the event.

Today, we designers and design enthusiasts must learn to design for the post-pandemic era. We have to reinvent the wheel in certain situations, and personally I think IDC offers the perfect platform that can help us with the tools to be agile, adaptive, and inspiring.

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