The most expensive house at auction in the United States for 295 million dollars

the Cost of life at increases for everyone in the United States. But rent hikes and the seller’s market are small potatoes compared to the juggernaut of a home going up for sale next month. The One Bel Air is a Beverly Hills mansion that will be auctioned by Concierge Auctions in February, with a starting price of $295 million.

The mansion measures 105,000 square feet, sits on 3.8 acres of land, and has 21 bedrooms, 42 full bathrooms, and 7 half bathrooms. It also includes a two-story library, nightclub, five swimming pools, spa, 10,000 square foot sky deck, jogging track, gym, bowling alley, tennis court, juice bar, a 40-seat cinema, a hair and beauty salon, a guest house, staff quarters, a 30-car garage, six elevators and a 10,000-bottle wine cellar. Basically, home is a small town and you never have to leave it. In fact, it is considered the largest private residence in the world, by Architectural Digest.

The company that built this gigantic property, Crestlloyd, filed for bankruptcy last month. According to the company, the sticker price of $295 million is actually a bargain. Crestlloyd claims the home is worth at least $325 million and originally put it on the market for $500 million.

It’s hard to believe there is a market for such an expensive and large house, but who knows. The auction house is asking for a $250,000 deposit just to bid.

See more photos of The One Bel Air as well as a video tour on the Concierge Auctions website.

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