Tribeca Citizen | BPCA to continue design / build plans for resilience in Tribeca and Rockefeller

BPCA to continue design / build plans for resilience in Tribeca and Rockefeller

The Battery Park City Authority has just started construction on its Ball Field Resilience efforts – a $ 7 million project that includes building 800 feet of flood protection systems along Warren, Murray and St. West. Construction will be completed this fall and will not have a significant impact on field play. See more details here.

South Battery Park City’s resilience effort will end in 2024 and include a reconstruction of Wagner Park and flood protection for the Jewish Heritage Museum. But the latest piece of the authority’s flood protection plans are for areas around Tribeca and North BPC, which they are now combining as the North and West Battery Park City Resilience Project. The authority has decided to change tactics a bit since the beginning of last summer and to go ahead with a design-build plan that encompasses both areas, with the definition of the project and the environmental reviews to be from this year.

“At the end of the day, we want the contractor to look at this design as a whole,” said Gwen Dawson, vice president of real estate at BPCA. “It is likely that it will be something similar or very similar for the street infrastructure, but we decided to combine the north and west projects.”

Plans there will cross West Street and go all the way to N. Moore, putting up barricades along the freeway and on side streets, which will require negotiations with all stakeholders along the way – Hudson River Park , BMCC, State DOT, City DOT, private buildings and a whole other list of alphabet soup.

“The goal is to connect natural highlights,” Dawson said. “In the west it is already high – so we would connect to the east with a system of barriers. But as we get closer and closer to the climax [on N. Moore] the intervention gets smaller and smaller. “

The western section of the PCB will be protected using the existing park and retaining walls.

The drawings here are taken from the original concept plan for the North section, presented to CB1 last July. So while these don’t really matter, they do give you an idea of ​​some of the concepts that could be applied.

More traditional knowledge as the process unfolds.

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