Turn your Nikon into a webcam with the beta version of the Webcam Utility

Nikon has now released its Webcam Utility software that turns your mirrorless DSLR or Z camera into a webcam – ideal for video conferencing with family and friends via video these days when most of the population is still working from home -Apps like Zoom chats or sends you out into the world on Youtube.

Webcam utility version 0.9.0 is still in beta, which means this is an early trial and there may still be bugs to fix – so use it at your own risk! The current download is for Windows 10 only (there’s no news about whether a Mac version is available).

Other camera manufacturers have already released software to turn their own cameras into webcams, including Canon, Panasonic, and Fujifilm.

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Webcam utility version 0.9.0 can be downloaded for free and is compatible with the following models:

Nikon has promised that future Nikon and DSLR mirrorless cameras will also be compatible with the Webcam Utility software.

After installing the software, simply connect the computer to your compatible Nikon camera with a USB cable and marvel at the superior image quality of Nikkor glass and your DX or FX sensor compared to fingernail-sized devices found in laptops or embedded laptops are desktop machines.

Installation should be straightforward, but here are the detailed instructions:

  1. Download the file with the name “S-NWU ___- 000900WF-ALLIN-ALL ___. exe”.
  2. Before starting the installation, it is best to quit all other applications, including any anti-virus software.
  3. When installing the update, make sure you log in to an account with administrator rights.
  4. Run the downloaded software and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. Once the installation is complete, there is no need to start the software and your Nikon should be selectable as the camera for your webcam applications.

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