Unusually warm weather across the Ozarks is a nice change of pace for local home builders

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Record breaking heat in December is really helping construction workers and home builders as winter approaches.

Local home builders say these recent times have been a good change for their teams.

Springfield homebuilder Ryan Green said he and his crews aren’t used to those hot temperatures in the ’60s and’ 70s this time of year. He said it also helps them stay on track with all of these projects lined up.

“The weather is fantastic,” said Ryan Green, owner of First Choice Custom Homes. “For the beginning of December, it was just great. The weather has been dry so far. It has been fantastic.

If you ask someone in the construction industry, they’ll likely tell you it’s not December that they’re used to working.

“We’ve had to deal with a lot of rain, cold and snow over the past two or three years in winter, spring and fall,” Green said. “So just seeing the drought really helped us keep production high. “

Green said he and his team are currently working on four houses. They also work on starting 10 or 12 more before it gets too cold.

“We try to get a lot of things out of the ground when it comes to foundations,” he said. “We try to dry everything, which means the frame is done, the roofs, the windows, so that we have things to do in the winter. “

Green said he wouldn’t mind if the heat stayed a bit longer,

“Yes, let’s keep our fingers crossed,” he laughed.

The heat wave was also a nice surprise to just about anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors.

“Yeah, super cool,” said Christian and Tricia Molica. ” It was sunny. We had a lot of time to put all of the Christmas decorations on the outside of the house so it was really a lot of fun.

But of course there is always the desire for a White Christmas.

“No, I want it to be colder,” Tricia Molica said, as her husband laughed. “She’s ready for the cold, yeah. We want it to look like Christmas.

And when that time comes, construction crews say they’ll be ready for it, too.

“In this part of the world, as long as we’re at 32 degrees and elevating ourselves, we can do some concrete work, that’s okay,” Green said. “But we try to do our best to keep everything dry and framed, covered, windows, all so that everyone has something to do in the very cold winter months.”

When this cold Is Kicking off, Green said crews need to pay more attention to things like moisture in the woods. He said that if there is too much moisture or expansion and contraction of the materials, problems can arise.

“We are always thinking about what we can do to continue while building a quality house,” he said.

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