‘Valheim: Hearth and Home’ update coming soon and here are the biggest changes to look forward to

“Valheim” is undoubtedly one of the escape games of 2021, and it finally gets its first major update in a few weeks. In September, developer Iron Gate will deliver the first of four updates promised in the game’s early access roadmap.

The first “Valheim” update is called Hearth and Home and the title should give fans an idea of ​​the new content it will add to the game. As Iron Gate had previously promised, Hearth and Home will be adding new rooms to the game. construction and new in-game food.

Building the base is one of the most crucial aspects of the game “Valheim”, whether players are just starting out or have been playing the game for months. The developer announcement last June that update will introduce dark wood roofs and window hatches.

Players will also find more things to do inside their “Valheim” houses. Iron Gate is adding cooking station expansions so players can spruce up their kitchens with a decent butcher’s table, spice rack, and new pots and pans. There will be an option to place an oven in the house, and that should be a useful item since players will need to start baking their own pies after this update.

Iron Gate said it will rebalance the game’s food system by establishing “more emphasis between improving health and stamina, making food choices more interesting based on your playstyle.” These stats will ultimately affect players’ combat abilities once the first update goes live.

Along with the new building parts, the Hearth and Home update will introduce new ingredients and recipes. The developer said there will be at least 10 new dishes to cook in “Valheim” and that they are cleverly named, such as Eyescream and Shocklate, suggesting that the ingredients to be used will be a far cry from ordinary food types.

Players will have more ways to collect food than to forage for food. Hearth and Home will add onions as new cultivable crops that can also be used in recipes. The first major update of “Valheim” is confirmed to be launched on Thursday, September 16.

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