Volta and Grand Design launch luxury towable RV with 18 kWh battery

Volta Power Systems and Grand Design Partner have teamed up to create this stunning towable recreational vehicle, which will make its public debut at the SEMA show later this week. The so-called Adventure Without Limits demonstration camper van will be on display in Los Angeles with an 18kWh energy storage system, which can operate air conditioning, appliances, entertainment and more without a connection between the camper. car and the electrical network.

The example that will be showcased at SEMA is being towed by a Ram 2500 truck with a matching exterior color scheme. The truck is equipped with a 9,000 watt secondary alternator, which charges a 40 kWh storage system on the platform while driving or idling. The motorhome, in turn, has an exportable power supply that is used to charge a Tomcar TX4 electric mountain bike. A large 2,250 watt solar system is installed on the towable RV to charge and extend range for hours or days, depending on power consumption.

“This is the future of off-grid adventure,” comments Jack Johnson, co-founder and CTO of Volta Power Systems. “With a unit like this demo, you can run your electric 4×4 up and down the mountain all day, yet still have enough power to charge it and run your air conditioner when you get back to the motorhome. “

Grand Design will begin accepting orders for the new VR Adventure Without Limits in the coming days with the first deliveries slated for early next year. Customers can choose from a basic version with a 6 kWh storage battery and 3,200 watts of AC power for lighting, entertainment and refrigeration. The more expensive option will come with 18 kWh storage and 6,400 watts of AC power. Depending on the power consumption, Grand Design indicates that this version can run the air conditioning for up to several days.

For those interested in the upgraded alternator charging system, Grand Design will work with authorized retrofit dealers, who will take care of the installation. A charging system for EV toys can also be installed separately on the RV.

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