Welcome nature in the bath for an organic and harmonious design

Architecture and interior design are often inspired by the environment. Whether it’s the form of an outdoors-inspired structure or the incorporation of native plants and natural textiles, organic elements create elegant designs. The vision of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright is rooted in the natural world. Pay homage to Wright’s enduring heritage by incorporating his values ​​into design decisions, from terrain-derived colors and woods to a focus on simplicity and durability in the bath.

Organic materials

Adopt a sophisticated and natural space using the principles of organic architecture. Be intentional with each material and design choice to design a functional and balanced environment. Incorporate organic materials such as wood, concrete or metals into a space for a harmonious expression of nature. In the tub, elements such as lighting, touches of wood, water features and accessories with clean, minimalist lines create a relaxing bathing experience. Start with a neutral color palette using colors such as sage or tumbled stone for a subtle backdrop. Then, layer more colors – like pops of teal and red – to incorporate unique touches that enhance a space, while staying in tune with the overall design.

Simplicity in form

The true value of a design is judged by its ease and ease. A blank canvas allows the chosen elements to shine and can create tranquility in the bath. To achieve simplicity, cut out the excesses and go for minimalism. Choose fixtures in the bathroom that are useful and add to the overall shape of the space. Finally, add touches of warmth through soft lighting and materials to brighten and balance the design, keeping harmony in mind.

Create nature inside

Incorporate elements of the environment throughout the home to create a continuous and cohesive design. Create a landscape-inspired interior by styling lively greenery and plants throughout.

Select fixtures that bring together beautiful features found in nature in a modernized way, such as those from Brizo’s Frank Lloyd Wright Bath collection. The collection is inspired by its philosophy of organic architecture through elements such as the avant-garde water flow and natural wood incorporated into the design. The Raincan shower head provides a luxurious experience thanks to the distinctive rush of the Canopy spray, which activates a built-in hydrogenator light for a dramatic effect, evoking a feeling of rain.

Sustainability in design

Choose a green life whenever possible. Intentionally select renewable materials such as bamboo and cork, and consider the environment at every step, to build a lasting and timeless home. Choose fixtures that sit at the intersection of clean, clean design and conscious sustainability. Choose WaterSense-labeled sink faucets, shower heads and hand showers to ensure a space that is both luxurious and green. Take the time to create a sustainable home for a transformative space that exists in harmony with the environment.

Watersense is a registered trademark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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