Welspun reinvents the presentation of design in a new showroom

New York – Welspun unveils not just a new showroom, but a creative space that will guide buyers through all aspects of the product development journey.

Dubbed The Creative CO/Lab, space at 10 W. 33rd St. in suite 1221 is located right next to 5and Street. Visitors will walk through areas that showcase product ideation, design, sourcing, packaging and marketing en route to showcasing finished products.

“This is an experiment with process – where presentation meets creation,” said Christopher Mooney, director of marketing and merchandising for Welspun USA. “We’re reimagining the showroom experience.”

Alongside the reimagined space, Welspun is launching a new series of collaborations with influential members of the creative community. The concept will present each brand as a walk-in opportunity for retailers to address design white space with current hot topics in the market.

Under the theme of “awareness,” the first collaborations tackle cultural representation and feature bedding, bath mats and rugs from designer Peter Som and design blogger/home furnishings designer Colette Shelton, founder of CocoCrazy .

“These are collaborators who have already proven themselves, who have enormous success with consumers and who deserve to be on a bigger stage,” Mooney said.

For each brand, Welspun has designed dual end caps that economically display the heart from the brand’s point of view. QR codes on displays provide shoppers with additional designs, color options and online product extensions.

“Thinking smaller allows for much bigger possibilities,” Mooney said.

Fashion designer Som has previously collaborated with Rent the Runaway, Kohl’s, Sferra, Lancôme, Anthropologie and Patron. Her collection with Welspun draws inspiration from the east and west coasts, with an emphasis on print, pattern and color.

“The line from bedding to bath is texture and feel,” Som told HTT. Som sees consistency in designing clothes, sharing recipes on social media and working on interiors, he said. “It always depends on how you live your life, what you put on your body and where you lay your head at night.”

Shelton – known as “Coco” to her many followers – launched her first collection of textiles into the home furnishings market in 2011. Her high-end luxury pillows, throws, bedding, draperies and rugs were featured in House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Lonny, Domino, Rue, and My Domaine, among other publications.

“I think my aesthetic is ambitious but also friendly and relatable,” she said.

She tapped into her library of self-created art for the collection with Welspun, which features layered geometric patterns of flowers. The range of pattern-on-pattern options can swing between classic and modern.

“What Welspun brings to the table is texture, technique and all the bells and whistles,” Shelton said.

The new collections will debut as part of the New York Home Fashions Market in March.

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