What Brooke and Brice Gilliam want viewers to take away from modernity

When couples get involved in home improvement projects – whether it’s in real life or on TV – the guys usually take care of the power tools while the women focus on the design. But the Gilliams are a rare exception. Brooke Gilliam discovered that she loved everything about construction, from welding to installing tile, while Brice Gilliam discovered that he had a talent and a passion for design. And their reverse script tends to confuse people. “It’s always funny because no matter how many times we tell people I’m the builder and he’s the designer, people are always very confused,” Brooke said. “People still come to me and say, ‘Hey, can you help me design my space? And I’m like, ‘You are my friend. You should have it now. I do not understand. I’m just building. ‘”

She adds that she would like to see more women embrace the construction trades and hopes “Making Modern” encourages more women to get started. “I feel like the construction industry lacks a feminine touch,” she said. “I really hope there are more women who feel inspired and empowered to be able to take power tools and try to do things on their own. So I’m not saying you have to become a construction worker, but do DIY projects in your own home. “

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