What We Know About The Big Fish House Featured In Hometown: Takeover

Hometown: Takeover featured the house in which the movie Big Fish was filmed. The house is a Wetumpka landmark and an important part of cinema history.

Ben and Erin Napier’s new Discovery + show Hometown: takeover is a spinoff from the original Hometown series, featuring the “Big Fish House” in the first two episodes. Hometown: takeover is an HGTV series that follows married couple Ben and Erin Napier as they attempt to renovate an entire city. Ben and Erin have spent the past five years renovating their own hometown of Laurel, Mississippi for the series Hometown.

Hometown: takeover takes Ben and Erin away from Laurel and into the town of Wetumpka, Alabama. Over the course of six episodes, the couple undertook twelve renovation projects. These projects included homes of people doing a lot for the community, historical monuments and businesses important to the citizens of Wetumpka. Ben and Erin didn’t renovate the whole town, but they chose places that could serve as a starting point for Wetumpka’s rebirth.

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The Big Fish house is actually called the Collier house.

At Hometown: Resumption, Ben, Erin and the residents affectionately referred to the house as the “Big Fish House”. However, according to Al, this property is actually called the Collier house. Victorian-style white the house was built around 1940. however, meow trace the house until 1874. In addition, According to the real estate agent, the property has nearly 3000 square feet, three bedrooms and one bathroom. It is a two-story building.

The address of the house is public knowledge

The “Big Fish House” made the address public. If people want to see the house, it’s at 401 East Bridge Street, Wetumpka, AL. the the house is on a hill near many successful Wetumpka businesses. However, this is a private residence, so no one should appear uninvited or making their own. Big fish to visit. Owners can accommodate guests if they contact them before their arrival.

Owners Shellie and Wade Whitfield knew nothing about the house until they bought it

According to HGTV and meow, the family had no idea how important the house was until they moved in. Shellie, Wade and their sons had no idea they would be put in the spotlight when they bought the house but took up the challenge. Once they found out, they felt they had to save him. Shellie was an art teacher and Wade was an insurance adjuster. Their lives were as far removed from the world of Hollywood as possible, but with the help of Ben and Erin, they were able to restore their home and this Hollywood landmark.

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Fans can view the ‘Big Fish House’ and other Wetumpka landmarks on Home City: Resumption on HGTV and Discovery +.

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