Winter gardening: How to protect outdoor plants from the elements – “insulate the plant”

Although the growth of the garden slows down during the winter months, there is still a long way to go to help the garden thrive in the spring. An expert explained how gardeners can protect their outdoor plants to ensure they survive the cold. Chris Bonnett of said: “During the summer the gardens provide a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life, but in the winter they start to look run down.

Bubble wrap can also help prevent plant pots from cracking, especially terracotta ones.

Plants often like to lean against structures such as sheds and fences as well as against walls to help them grow.

Experts said, “Make sure these structures are strong enough to withstand wind, rain and cold.

“Plants standing against the walls can be protected from the cold with frames covered with fleece. “ explained, “To create this type of bell, just cut off the top and bottom of the bottle before placing it around the plant.

“This method should protect the delicate leaves of young plants from cold temperatures.

“You should try to remove these bells every morning to make sure the air inside does not overheat and damage the plant.”

Placing mulch around plants in the garden can help insulate them, protecting them from frost and wind.

However, this tends to only work on more resistant plants and other steps need to be taken to help protect others.

Experts added, “Winter poses many challenges for gardeners and no matter how well cared for your plants, there is always a low risk of them dying.

“It’s a great idea to keep the plant labels that come with non-perennials or to take a cutting from perennials that you are concerned about. “

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