Woodlands Hills community poised to grow in 2022

It has been three years since Howard Hughes Corp. celebrated the grand opening of The Woodlands Hills near Willis and officials say 2022 maintains continued development with an eye on more modern design.

“We’re excited about the community and the growth path and pace of sales we’ve had there,” Melton said of the growing FM 830 community.

Howard Hughes Corp. broke new ground in development in 2017. The longtime developer took a page from visionary George Mitchell and planned the community to mirror The Woodlands on a smaller scale.

The Woodlands Hills sprawl over 2,000 acres and will include 4,500 hospitality sites, 112 acres of open space, a 17-acre village center with an events center, hiking and biking trails, and will include possibly more than 20 neighborhood parks to be built.

In July 2018, officials at Howard Hughes Corp. celebrated the inauguration of the community with several model homes and a amenities center. Today, the development continues to expand.

Melton said by the end of the year the community will have around 330 homes sold to date. Similar to the existing home market, low home inventory is pushing home builders to focus on getting product to the lot.

“We plan to deliver over 700 lots next year to fuel this demand,” he said, adding that the community aims to offer different sizes and prices for all generations. “The square footage has decreased a bit and this is due to lifestyle and supply constraints.”

The Woodlands Hills originally started with four house size offerings, Melton said, but have since added about three more and will add a few more over the coming year.

A new option will be villas on a smaller plot of 28 to 30 feet. While the villas are normally in a townhouse setup, Melton said the builder decided to separate them.

“It really targets a few different parts of the market,” Melton said. “One is the lock and leave lifestyle, low maintenance and a smaller house. Second, this brings us to the price where people who want to live in a top notch planned community can buy one of these villas and then expand into the rest of our community’s programs as they go through the stages of life.

In addition, 2022 will mark the launch of the development of community houses on new 60-foot lots.

As officials look to add options for young first-time buyers, Melton said the homes’ architecture took on a more modern feel and included a flexible space that could serve as a home office.

For the community, Melton said there will be a few new parks over the coming year, including hiking and biking trails, including more native walking trails through the woodland.

“When all is said and done, we’ll have about 100 miles of trails in the Woodlands Hills,” he said. “We think this is very important.”

As The Woodlands Hills attracts many families looking for the main planned experience, Melton said the community sees the movement of residents of The Woodlands to The Woodlands Hills.

“As The Woodlands continues to grow and we reach our residential construction, residents are also going through their changes like needing to downsize, so we are capturing a lot of people leaving The Woodlands,” Melton said. “They know what we’re going to do is on par or better than some of the things we’ve done in The Woodlands.”

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