Your Home Made Perfect: Meet the Six Architects Here

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We like to sit down and watch Your perfect home. Hosted by a TV star Angela Scanlon, the BBC program sees two architects compete in each episode for the commission to transform the home of a hopeful family.

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Using brilliant VR technology, the show offers its attendees, as well as viewers at home, a virtual experience to see potential renovations before they happen, giving homeowners the opportunity to ‘tour’ their home. house even before the arrival of the builders. For the third series, five new architects have joined the program alongside the previous pro Laura jane clark and presenter Angela, with two of them appearing in each episode. But who are the architects? Meet the six talented designers here …

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Laura jane clark

Laura, who joined the BBC Two show in 2019, is an architect from London. After working in the field for several years, Laura started her own business, Lamp Architects. According to its website, the company, founded nine years ago, specializes in home conversions, extensions and new construction. Laura has done a lot of other television work, including on Ugly house in beautiful house and This morning.


Laura Jane Clark (far right) on Your perfect home

Julien mcintosh

Julian McIntosh is new to this series but he certainly doesn’t lack experience. He runs his own company, Julian McIntosh Architects, based in London, but Julian has worked all over the world in places like China and Spain. He then started working in Huddersfield before moving to London.


Lizzie Fraher (far right) and Julian McIntosh (center right)

Lizzie fraher

Lizzie Fraher is also new to the salon and is the co-founder of Fraher & Findlay, an award-winning design company run by an architect based in London. Lizzie said she was thrilled to join the BBC show, explaining: “Spaces should be joyful! They should represent who we are, our values ​​and the show helps demonstrate that.”

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will promote

Will Foster is originally from Somerset and worked as a trainee blacksmith before entering the architectural industry. He now has over 20 years of work experience and advocates working with local suppliers and businesses. “I think being part of the show allows us architects to demonstrate how design can make a difference in people’s daily lives and make it accessible to everyone,” he told the BBC.


Will promote your perfect home

Lynsey Elliott

Lynsey is a Northumberland architect with a passion for detail and practicality. According to her website, she has worked on large-scale commercial projects as well as small domestic expansions – which suits the format of the show perfectly. “There is a public perception that the industry is inaccessible to smaller scale development, this program shows that it is not.”


Lynsey Elliot on BBC Show

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Damion’s burrows

Damion runs his own business, Damion Marcus Burrows Architects and has a lot of experience from his years working in the industry. Damion is clearly excited to join the BBC program and praised his ability to make property and home improvements more accessible.


Damion (far left) with two clients on the BBC show

“British audiences are already captivated by home ownership and home improvement, but this show has moved it to a different level and made it more accessible, more democratic and made everyone feel that he could be a part of it and take a trip with the families on the show, “he told the BBC.

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